Videowall Processor - Hardware Based (16 input - 16 output)



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Garansi - Warranty: 1-years parts and services

- Supported Input Card/Channel: 4/16 HDMI
- Supported Output Card/Channel: 4/16 DVI
- Bandwith: 13.5 Gbps based exchange processing speed
- Ultra HD background image display
- Hardware-based signal processing, no operating system, not requiring Antivirus
- Visual management applications, support Windows OS
- Control Slot: 1
- Power slot: 1, support redundant power supplies for models above 3636 chassis
- Supported Input Card: DVI, HDMI, FIBER, SDI, IP Network Input, CAT5, DU-DVI
- Supported Splicing Output Card: STDVI4, STDVI2, STCAT4, STCAT2, STFB4, STFB
- Splicing: 4 output card can support 2 windows overlapping, 2 output card can support 4 windows overlapping
- Supported Control Card: CON
- Protocol and Baudrate: Baudrate: 9600,Data Bit: 8 bit,Stop Bit: 1,No parity check bit
- Keyboard Control Interface/Protocol: 4 Pin Phoenix Socket/RS485
- Serial Control Interface/Protocol: 9 Pin D-Sub Socket/RS232
- Ethernet Control Interface/Protocol: RJ45/TCP/Ip
- Generic Specification:
- Power Supply: 100VAC ~ 240VAC,50/60 Hz, National Standard Self-adaptive power supply
- Server rack dimension: 3U
- MTBF: 30.000 hrs
- Warranty: 1-years parts and services

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